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Market report 1H APRIL 2021

During the first half of April, vegetable oil prices have shown a generalized recovery. In parallel, we have seen a slightly weaker dollar and an improvement in macroeconomic data as the main external factors.
The attached table shows the quotations of the main oils and other reference values and their variation in the first 15 days of April:

Palm oil prices remain at historically high levels but the level of competitiveness versus other oils remains strong. The market and analysts continue to expect a correction for Q3-Q4 if Asian production improves and the weather in the northern hemisphere is benign for oilseed production, although this improvement is taking longer than expected a few months ago.
In the case of sunflower, OilWorld’s first estimate for Europe speaks of a 5% increase in planted area. With good yields, production would grow by up to 19%. In Ukraine, production could reach a record 16.4 MTs of seeds on the back of a 6% increase in area, according to APK Inform.
The soybean and rapeseed oil situation also shows signs of tightness in supply and demand in the short/medium term. In order to better understand these and other points, we invite you to download and continue reading LIPSA’s market report attached below, where you can learn first-hand about the following points:1.    Evolution of reference markets
2.    Dollar and petrol
3.    Palm oil
4.    Lauric oils
5.    Soybean oil
6.    Sunflower and high oleic sunflower oil
7.    Rapeseed oil