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Innovative oils and fats for the infant food industry

LIPSA has once again been considered as one of the most innovative companies in the Food Technologies & Ingredients sector. On their new sectorial site, AMEC has recognized LIPSA as a benchmark company for the sector, and to illustrate our work has elaborated a case study about our innovative oils and fats for the infant food and pharmaceutical industry.

The case study talks about our latest innovation, Lactalip: a new range of oils and fats designed for sensitive applications such as infant food or pharma. The need for innovation came from the industry itself: some of our top customers were alarmed because of the recent discovery of contaminants in infant food, so we decided to engage in a process to be able to solve this problem.

The combination of LIPSA’s response and the comprehensiveness of our portfolio of products meeting the demand of our customers, allowed us to grow in sensitive applications such as infant food or pharma. As a consequence of the launch of our new products, the number of our customers in this sector grew by 40% in 2020.

While three years ago we were selling infant food and special nutrition products in seven European countries, we ended 2020 selling this category of products in 18 countries, including destinations such as USA, Mexico, United Arab Emirates or New Zealand, for instance, which were not within our sales territory before.

As a result, in 2020, we were recognized as the most innovative company in Spain by “El Suplemento” award (“El País” newspaper) and now once again by AMEC. Looking forward, we are currently continuing to invest in infant food, and working in a new area: organic infant food.