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President of Puerto de Huelva visited our facilities

In 2019, we reinforced our commitment to the energy transition. During that year, we bet on a circular economy model by transforming our Huelva refinery into the largest of its kind for processing raw materials into biofuel. This progress in the process of refining vegetable oils, waste or C3 animal fats was highlighted during the visit of the president of Puerto de Huelva, Pilar Miranda.


Crédito: M.G. (Huelva)

Miranda visited our facilities in Huelva accompanied by the director of Puerto de Huelva, Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio, and the head of its Public Domain Department, César Vera. This was part of the round of visits they are making to the concessionary companies.

“(It is important) to invest resources to produce clean energy in the context of the current energy crisis.” –Pilar Miranda, President of Puerto de Huelva

The president of the port highlighted “the importance of investing resources to produce clean energies in the context of the current energy crisis, something which will not only generate jobs and income for Huelva, but which consolidates us as leaders in the energy change which is taking place on a global level”.

You can review the coverage of the visit in this Huelva Información publication (Spanish).