Technical Uses


LIPSA has been supplying raw materials to the biofuel industry since 2011. With the growing needs of the market, orders and the change in legislation from 2021, LIPSA decided in 2019 to dedicate the Huelva refinery exclusively to processing raw materials for the biofuel market.

Our raw materials

  • Vegetable oils: palm, soya, sunflower and rapeseed
  • Cat.3 animal fat
  • Used cooking oils (UCO)
  • POME (Palm oil mill effluent)
  • SBEO (Spent bleaching earth oil)
  • EFB oil (Empty fruit bunch oil)
  • Mixtures of these raw materials according to the needs of our clients

Shipping methods

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Boat / Truck
Flexitank or isocontainer

Spent Bleaching Earth Oil (SBEO)

The objective of the circular economy is that the value of products, materials and resources remain in the production cycle for as long as possible, promoting recycling and reuse of generated waste and reducing the emissions that cause global warming. LIPSA has made a firm commitment to the circular economy and zero waste with the 2019 inauguration of a plant for the recovery of oil that remains in bleaching earth, which used to be non-recoverable waste and can now be reused as oil for biodiesel production.

The plant located at our Barcelona refinery uses a globally unique technology developed by LIPSA. This bleaching earth oil is a unique product on the market that is considered double counting in the EU since it is part of Annex IX, part A of the list of the Renewable Energy Directive or RED II.