Technical uses

Oils and/or fats are used for countless food and non-food applications. Amongst food applications we can highlight the emulsifiers, mono and diglycerides derived from oils and/or fats. Amongst non-food applications we can highlight soap companies, and companies producing tensioactive materials, paint, varnishes, lubricating and laminating oils, as well as applications for cosmetics, surfactants, etc.

LIPSA can supply you with products designed for every one of your applications.

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A candle could be defined as a light source consisting of a wick placed inside a combustible substance.

The first candles produced used bees wax as the combustible substance, these days paraffin is used.

In the current situation where there is a high demand for paraffin and limited raw material sources, vegetable and animal fat could be the alternatives with the greatest potential in this market.

LIPSA can supply products that can partially or even totally substitute paraffin, which when combined with the other components result in very high quality candles.

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