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We are a leading family business in the oils and fats sector. At our refinery we carry out neutralization, decolouration, hydrogenation, deodorization, interesterification, refining, winterization and fractionation of all types of oils and fats for a wide range of uses.

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Flexibility, innovation and new developments are fundamental basis in the highly competitive market in which we operate. Our Team continuously works for that and is the key to our future.

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Industrial safety

Seguridad Industrial

LIPSA's industrial processes follow all the necessary safety requirements to ensure the safe and responsible operation of all its varied facilities.

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LIPSA is focused on superior customer service level, thus we are always ready to serve the Products our customers ask for on behalf and aligned with the LIPSA Values and good market practices.

Sustainability is an essential part of the Commitment Value of LIPSA.

LIPSA is a Certificate Membership of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), and only purchase from suppliers who also belong to RSPO. Of the different Supply Chains for sustainable oil, LIPSA has chosen the segregated supply chain to ensure the highest level of commitment towards sustainability.

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We are Organic Certified!

We want to inform you that Lipidos Santiga (LIPSA) already has the certification to refine and supply organic oils.

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Discover more about palm oil and sustainability:


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New Sustainability Policy for Palm Oil and corresponding action plan.